Shining Gold for UAE Ladies and Juniors at the GCC Golf Tournament in Oman

(Muscat, Oman) – December 28, 2023 – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ladies and Junior National Golf Teams have emerged victorious capturing three team Gold Medals and four individual medals at the highly anticipated GCC Golf Tournament held at the renowned Ghala Golf Club in Muscat, Oman.

UAE Ladies and Junior Teams at the 2023 GCC Golf tournament in Oman

Hosted by the Oman Golf Association, the tournament showcased exemplary talent from five GCC countries, featuring a total of 45 players competing in various divisions. The distinguished Ladies and Junior GCC Golf Tournament comprised three divisions, showcasing the prowess of teams and individual players in the Ladies’ and Boys’ categories, with age classifications of 16 and under, and 13 and under, respectively.

Remarkable Triumph for UAE National Teams

The UAE National Teams demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication, securing gold medals in all three categories – Ladies, 16 & and under, and 13 & and under teams.

Ladies Division: The UAE Ladies National Team, led by players Intissar Rich, Alia Alemadi, and Aasiya Saleem, secured gold in all three rounds of competition. The KSA team claimed the second position, and Oman achieved the third spot. Additionally, in the Ladies’ Individual GCC Championship, Intissar Rich clinched the gold medal, Alia Al Emadi secured the bronze medal, and Assiya Saleem earned 4th place.

Juniors/Boys 16 & Under Division: The Juniors/Boys 16 & Under Team, comprising Rashid Al Naqbi, Abdullah Kalbat, and Mohammad Thabet, showcased their excellence by winning the Gold medal in both team and individual competitions. Kuwait secured the second position, while Oman claimed the third spot. Individually, Rashid Al Naqbi secured the Silver medal, and Mohammed Thabet and Abdullah Kalbat secured the fourth and fifth places, respectively.

Boys 13 & Under Division: The Boys 13 & Under Team, represented by Abdullah Darwish and Abdullah Salmeen, exhibited outstanding performance, securing the Gold medal for the UAE team. In the individual category, Abdullah Darwish won the Gold medal, with Oman and KSA players following as runners-up.

Optimism for the Future

General Abdullah Alhashmi, EGF Vice Chairman, expressed his optimism for the future, stating, “This is a golden opportunity for the EGF and UAE golf to showcase the improvements in our programs. Over the past 18 months, the EGF has diligently worked to provide UAE players with the platform to exhibit their talents. These dedicated individuals have undergone rigorous training, and we anticipate commendable results.”

The successful conclusion of the GCC Golf Tournament marks a triumphant end for the UAE Golf Federation in 2023. As the year comes to a close, the UAE teams and players are hopeful for continued success in the upcoming year, aiming to shine even brighter on the international golfing stage.