Arab alliance for the birth of a golfing force Signature of an agreement between the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation and the Emirates Golf Federation






Rabat, 24/11/2022: Under the presidency of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with the Emirati Golf Federation for the promotion and development of junior golf in the Arab world.

In the context of a booming Arab golf on an international market marked by the strong emergence of a new generation of players, the two federations have decided to combine their assets as well as their expertise in favor of their young talents to enable them to access the best international professional tours.

Morocco and the United Arab Emirates are two golfing nations with clubs that meet the best international standards and golfing infrastructures equipped with high-tech facilities. Both countries also have highly qualified human resources specialized in physical, mental and sports training.

Following various golfing meetings in the framework of coaching and training sessions, it was therefore natural that a strategic alliance was formed for the development of Arab golf.

“We are delighted to conclude this strategic partnership which brings hope to our two federations and to Arab golf. This agreement materializes a common will to see our youth blossom thanks to a supervision and expertise adapted to our revealed objective which is to see our talents break through at the highest world level. Our two federations have the means to achieve their ambitions. May this act be the birth of a new force, that of the Arab golfing world” declares Mr Mustapha Zine, 1st Vice-President of the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation

The agreement between the two nations consists of the development of a high-level sports program including training camps and a series of WAGR* competitions to be held alternately between the two countries.

Following the recent results of the two nations’ sporting elites, this alliance reinforces a desire to invest in a young audience to create a true Arab golfing force.

” Golf is a sport that takes time and dedication to master. The partnership between the Emirates Golf Federation and the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation will be no different. We look forward to a sustainable and devoted partnership with Morocco in order to develop youth golf with in the Arab World. We understand the strength of talent that both nations have and as golf continues to evolve globally, we want to provide the platform for these young talents to flourish.” said General Abdullah Hachimi, Vice President of the UAE Golf Federation.

Within the framework of this partnership, actions will be carried out in common agreement between the technical directions of the 2 federations for:

– The creation of the first Moroccan – UAE junior tour

– The implementation of a high-level training program to develop junior golf

– The reinforcement of technical skills by experts

– The development of a specific preparation program for the WATC World Championships to be held in Dubai in 2023

– Sharing expertise in high level coaching