Emirates Golf Federation Celebrates World Environment Day at Al Zorah Golf Course

(Ajman, UAE) – Emirates Golf Federation (EGF) celebrated World Environment Day in a different way by allowing participants golf players to partner with the environment and plant a mangrove tree after the end of the tournament held in Al Zorah Golf Courses.

The 18 Championship-hole golf course, designed by Nicklaus Design and operated by Troon,  garnered a reputation of being ‘one of the best golf venues in the world’, and ranked 8th in the Middle East and North Africa regions is nestled pristinely among the naturally preserved environment, lakes, and the unique mangrove forest.

George Saad, Chief Executive Officer of Al Zorah Development Company, expressed his delight in the event, “We are pleased to have EGF golfers on the joyous occasion of World Environment Day. The Al Zorah Golf Club was designed and constructed in Al Zorah Mangroves Forest way that complements the natural beauty of the landscape here in Ajman. Which are native to the region, play a significant role in the ecosystem and we have preserved the natural forestry and surrounding habitat to keep our golf course environmentally sustainable.”


“As part of the celebration of the Environment Day, each golfer planted their own mangrove tree at the end of the event, to show their appreciation of and dedication towards preserving our natural habitat,” Saad adds.


The EGF event conducted the event on the 12th of June at Al Zorah Golf Club by four players from each golfing division: ladies, men, coaches, and juniors, a total of sixteen players. They will golf and enjoy the scenic views, as well as contributing to the local gorgeous landscapes by planting the mangroves post-game.


Mr. Akram Skaik, Director General of the Emirates Golf Federation, says: “It comes with great pleasure to work with Al Zorah Golf Club to not only help with the environment but also give the UAE National Team players an opportunity to work together off the golf course. It is our mission in following the path of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and its adherence to implementing strategies and programs to ensure a sustainable future and a healthy environment. Being golfers the environment is extremely important to us and anything that the National Team or the Emirates Golf Federation can do to help is our mission”

Philip Henderson Al Zorah Golf Club General Manager says: “The location of Al Zorah offers a uniqueness that allows a golfer to experience a world-class golf course and nature in its most refined setting.  For any player visiting Al Zorah, you will find a knowledgeable team of associates dedicated to educating players on the importance of our environment and delivering superior service.”

The Emirates Golf Federation (EGF) is a non-profit organization formed in 1995 and is the Governing Body of Golf in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), helping to draw awareness to and inspire a culture of the sport within the region. Currently, the EGF represents over 7,500 members, both directly through the foundation itself, as well as throughout the 22 golf clubs across the UAE. The EGF actively conducts an Order of Merit Season, Junior Development Programs, and Junior, Ladies, and Men’s National Team Programs.