Jumeirah College Overall Winner of the Inter-Schools League

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(Dubai, UAE) – On March 7, 2016 the Inter-Schools League, also known as the Dubai Schools League, hosted the Grand Final for the 2015-2016 season. This event took place at the Troon Golf facility of Arabian Ranches Golf Club. The Overall Winner for the season was Jumeirah College. Golf Dubai and G/Fore who provided spectacular prizes for the leagues winners sponsored the Grand Final.


Jumeirah College The 2015-2016 Winning School of the Inter-Schools League

This 18-hole Stablefored Grand Final was a perfect test for the junior golfers to show off their skills gained throughout the season. Funded by the Emirates Golf Federation (EGF) the Inter-Schools League is a model platform for junior golfers to learn and develop their game. The Inter-Schools League started in 2010 with only 8 players and two schools. Now the the league has over 60 different players representing 13 different schools.

With the help of dedicated teachers and essential volunteers, in the past 5 months National and expat junior golfers have competed in four events. The first three events took place at The Track, Meydan Golf Club, with the fourth and Grand Final event played at Arabian Ranches.

DSC_0428For the 2015-2016 season Jumeirah College was crowned Championship. Jumeirah College had a very strong season finishing in 1st Place in the first match, 2nd Place in the second match, and tied for 1st Place in the last two matches.

Also from Jumeirah College, Amber Waitie was the Overall Individual Stableford winner for the 2015-2016 season.

Taking the 2nd Place prize for the 2015-2016 season, was Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS). JESS finished in 1st Place in the second match and tied for 1st Place in the last match.

Finishing in 3rd Place was Dubai College. Dubai College had a slow start but asfter strong performances in the last two events; they found themselves in the Top-3 when the dust settled.

The Emirates Golf Federation (EGF) put together a team of Emeriti Juniors who are training in the National Junior Development Program (NJPD) and on the Natinoal Team Squad. The EGF Team finished in 5th Place for this season. The NJDP and the EGF has taken big steps in junior golf and is looking forward to a strong season next year.

Moving forward, an aspect that the EGF and the Inter-Schools League are trying to develop is creating a golf platform in UAE schools. At the moment golf is not an “official” sport in schools. Golf has no part in athletics or physical educational programs. The EGF and the Inter-Schools League representatives have a goal to create awareness and show the benefits of golf for all schools. Not only is golf a sport that promotes an active lifestyle but it also teaches honesty and integrity. These fundamental characteristics are valuable for any child’s, student, or athlete’s growth.

You can expect the Inter-Schools League to be back in action come November of 2016. This league is a great example of how much golf has grown within in the region. With the continued support of the UAE Schools, UAE Golf Clubs, and EGF Partners junior golf will continue to flourish in the UAE.