National Senior Squad Travels to France for Biomechanics Training

(Terre Blanche, France) – From August 28th to September 8th the National Senior Squad will be in Terre Blanche, France training at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy and Biomecaswing Sport Performance Center.

 Senior Player, Rashid Hamood, working on his swing with Jean-Jacques Rivet

Senior Player, Rashid Hamood, working on his swing with Jean-Jacques Rivet

Managed by Jean-Jacques Rivet the Biomecaswing Sport Performance Center combines biomechanics with modern technology to improve golfers of all abilities. The center allows golfers to develop the performance and the understanding of their swing. The training takes into account the body type and personal ability of each golfer. The system analyses posture, mobility, balance, and intensity of each movement to adapt and optimize each individual player.

This center offers more than just a training program. This center offers services that fit and tailor the unique biomechanical swing profile of every golfer. Biomecaswing combines scientific knowledge with applied biomechanics and more than 10 years of experience on professional golf circuits where the concept has been adopted by many of the greatest golfers in the world.

DSC_0012With the technology and computer-assisted biomechanical analysis the swing is correlated with a morphological diagnosis of the players skeletal structure, neuro-motor system, and physical efficiency. This detailed analysis will pinpoint the player’s strengths and weaknesses. The findings will show how to make ultimate use of a golf swing. This way the player can increase strengths and learn how to deal with the limits of their physiology.


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