UAE National Team Players Receive Biomechanics Training at JGE ETPI

(Dubai, UAE) – On June 10, 2015 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Golf Team received a private Biomechanics Training session from the top instructors on the European Tour at the Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE) – European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI). In partnership with the Emirates Golf Federation (EGF) the JGE-ETPI invited two UAE National Team players and the UAE National Team coaching staff to participate in this cutting-edge training session.

EGF Players & ETPI Staff After Biomechanics Training Session

EGF Players & ETPI Staff After Biomechanics Training Session

Jean-Jacques (JJ) Rivet, Head of Biomechanics & Sports Performance, and Rob Hillman, Director of European Tour Physio Unit, gave Rashid Hamood and Khalid Yousuf, of the UAE National Team a three-hour Biomechanics Training session. “It was great for our players to correlate what was happening from their physical assessment and see how that played out with the data from the force plates. They now can start to work on their physical fitness to improve on the data that came from the analysis. Ultimately, this will improve all factors of their ball flight. We look forward to continuing working with ETPI at JGE”, said UAE National Team Performance Coach, David Condon.

DSC_0017JJ Rivet had this to say after the training session, “Biomechanics Training has helped top coaches and players explore new direction in golf swing enhancement which is injury free. The biggest tip that these players can take away from today is, understanding that everybody is able to optimize at their max efficiency. Each player’s physiological quality to repeat a swing that could create their own and specific trajectory will in turn create a more consistent golfer”

Biomechanics Training takes into account the body type and personal ability of each golfer, this system analyses posture, mobility, balance, and intensity of each movement to adept and optimize the game.

“It was great working with the ETPI coaches today. Their knowledge gave me good insight into the mechanics of my swing. This also gave me good direction in areas that need improvement, said UAE National Team player Rashid Hamood.


Tim Backhouse, Teaching Professional at JGE-ETPI, had this to say after the training session. “It was a pleasure to work alongside JJ and Rob on Rashid and Khalid’s golf game. We look to continue and strengthen the relationship between the ETPI and the EGF. As a team we looked to develop movements that they were capable of, with their possible physical limitations and also ‘habits’ that the player has developed over years of playing. We were able to do this by using video analysis, launch monitors, and force plates to try and maximize their ball flights and ultimately hopefully improve their scores.

With the temperatures and heat increasing the UAE National Team will be training indoors throughout the summer months. The partnership between the EGF, ETPI, and JGE will be very beneficial for the UAE National Team.

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