EGF Presents NJDP to AMSI Schools

On May 18-20, 2015 the Emirates Golf Federation (EGF) traveled to three different AMSI schools to host presentations informing local families on the National Junior Development Program (NJDP). As part of the EGF the NJDP has a goal to identify and develop young United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Golfers while building good character through the structure of the rules from the game of golf.

Excited Students at the EGF National Junior Develop Program Presentations

Excited Students at the EGF National Junior Develop Program Presentations

With the help from Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI) the EGF was able to introduce the game of golf to over 40 different Emirati families. The EGF met with School Administrators and Physical Education Teachers from the International School of Arts & Science (ISAS), Al Mawakeb School – Al Garhoud and Al Mawakeb School – Al Barsha to explain and start the process of bringing golf into schools.

The EGF enlightened families on the benefits of golf for kids from the active lifestyle, to learning etiquette & integrity, and gaining personal reasonability, all in some of the internationally renowned, safe and well supervised courses.

By having the support from The Ministry of General Authority of Youth & Sport Welfare, the UAE Government, and the UAE Golf Clubs the opportunity that these National Golfers have is invaluable.

The Secretary General of the EGF, Khalid Mubarak Al Shamsi, had this to say regarding the three-day presentations. “These visits were the first of many steps that the EGF is taking in order to build interest from National Golfers. This is a great way to get golf into schools across the UAE. It is a goal at the EGF to identify and develop UAE National Golfers. By reaching out to the UAE Schools is one way of achieving that goal. On behalf of the EGF we would like to thank AMSI schools for their time and effort for making these visits possible”.

Mr. Muhieddine Soubra, Principal at ISAS, stated: “Those national initiatives and drives places a share of the responsibility on us as school leaders and lead community players, and on our students and their families. We must all support such initiatives that inspire our young students to realize their full potential.”

With the golf season coming to an end the EGF will stay in communication with these families for possible summer camps. Starting in October the EGF will be reaching out to more schools while continuing the process of identifying UAE National Golfers.